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Recognising Hearing Loss...


Sometimes it is the partner of a person with hearing loss who may first become aware of the problem.

Recognising Hearing Loss...
Mind Your Hearing

Sometimes it is the partner of a person with hearing loss who may first become aware of the problem.

This can be due to the fact that the onset of hearing loss is a gradual thing and the person affected doesn’t realise the problem. Often it can be due to denial of the situation by the person with the hearing loss.

You may find that your partner:

  • Needs a lot of the conversation repeated several times
  • Misunderstands what is being said
  • Complains that you are not speaking clearly or loudly enough
  • Does not hear the doorbell or the telephone ring
  • Dislikes going to parties, pubs or other noisy environments
  • Turns the television up too loud for your comfort

If you are at all concerned about your partner’s hearing, encourage him or her to get it checked by a professional. Gradual hearing loss is likely to be age-related but can sometimes be associated with other health problems. Your GP will be able to check your partner for any infections or obstructions which might account for the hearing loss, and they can refer your partner to a specialist. If your partner is over 60 and has no history of hearing complications, the GP can refer them directly to the audiology department in the local hospital for a hearing test and hearing aid assessment without having to see an ENT (ear, nose and throat) consultant.

Your partner shouldn’t wait between the onset of hearing loss and seeking medical advice. It’s better to find out about and start wearing hearing aids sooner rather than later, as getting used to amplified sound is harder if the person has already got used to a “quieter‟ world. 

Do you think you have a Hearing Loss?

Answer these simple questions to find out…



Do you have difficulty understanding conversation in a busy restaurant or supermarket?

Do people tell you that you have turned the TV or radio up too loud?

Do you find it difficult to have conversations on the telephone?

Do your family or friends complain that you are not hearing them clearly?

Do you sometimes miss the sound of your doorbell or telephone ringing?

Do you often have to ask people to repeat what they have said?

Do you avoid going to social events where it is more difficult to follow conversations?

Do you sometimes feel that people are mumbling and not speaking clearly?

Do you find it difficult to understand the voices of females and children?

Do you have problems following conversations at a meeting?

If you answered yes to more than three of these questions,
we recommend that you get your hearing checked!

If in doubt - Check it out!