Are you worried that your hearing is deteriorating?


Are you worried that your

hearing is deteriorating?


As we get older, many of us can develop a hearing loss.

Are you worried that your hearing is deteriorating?
Mind Your Hearing

As we get older, many of us can develop a hearing loss. In fact research shows that more than 30% of 60 year olds in Ireland have a significant hearing loss. The effects of hearing loss can be life-changing and can:

  • Affect your self confidence
  • Impact on your social life
  • Affect your ability to communicate with others
  • Have an impact on your employment and promotion¬al prospects
  • Result in increased isolation from family and friends

Research has shown that people with an acquired hearing loss are more likely to be socially isolated and inactive. They are also more likely to be at risk of developing symptoms of depression or dementia.

There are solutions

Hearing aids and other assistive technology improve the social participation and health of people with hearing loss. The fitting of hearing aids has been reported to improve relationships and increase levels of happiness.

Unfortunately statistics show that people wait an average of 10 years between acquiring a hearing loss and finally getting help. Research also show that the earlier you take action, the easier it is to adjust to wearing hearing aids.

If you have a hearing loss, taking action now is likely to improve your quality of life and make you happier!
You can take action now by doing the self check test in this leaflet

Do you think you have a Hearing Loss?

Answer these simple questions to find out…



Do you have difficulty understanding conversation in a busy restaurant or supermarket?

Do people tell you that you have turned the TV or radio up too loud?

Do you find it difficult to have conversations on the telephone?

Do your family or friends complain that you are not hearing them clearly?

Do you sometimes miss the sound of your doorbell or telephone ringing?

Do you often have to ask people to repeat what they have said?

Do you avoid going to social events where it is more difficult to follow conversations?

Do you sometimes feel that people are mumbling and not speaking clearly?

Do you find it difficult to understand the voices of females and children?

Do you have problems following conversations at a meeting?

If you answered yes to more than three of these questions,
we recommend that you get your hearing checked!

If in doubt - Check it out!